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When I was 19 years old, I spent 4 months traveling across Europe with a backpack and a film camera. I returned home with a heavily stamped passport, a large bag of shot film and an acute infection of the photography bug. I soon packed a few bags and left my home state of Michigan to attend film school in Southern California where I developed a technical foundation for the craft of photography. After a few years as an essential photo assistant to one of the legendary photographers of the modern era, I began receiving my own assignments for editorial and commercial clients. 
My professional assignments are now focused on photography with a lot of moving parts. This includes: art direction, mood boards, gesture and posing direction reference, casting, wardrobe styling, curated prop selection, location scouting/set design, permits, location insurance, animal wrangling, food styling, equipment rentals, retouching, color correction, file delivery, rental returns and ultimately... satisfied clients.
I have a tight knit crew of associates, some whom I have worked with for 20+ years. Together we are able to provide high quality visual assets to clients on time and on budget. Want to know more? Please feel free to reach out to arrange for an in person meeting and studio tour.

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