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     Jesse Hill is an award-winning photographer based in Los Angeles. Raised in suburban Detroit Michigan, his journey into the world of photography commenced at the age of 19 during a 4-month backpacking expedition across Europe and the Middle East. During this transformative period, he realized the unique potential of photography as a vehicle for accessing exclusive sites and engaging with people otherwise out of reach.


     Jesse honed his technical skills and artistic sensibilities during his formal education at Santa Barbara’s Brooks Institute. It was during his time at Brooks Institute that he distinguished himself by earning a coveted publishing internship in entertainment portraiture. Simultaneously, he began working as a professional camera and lighting associate under the guidance of renowned photographer David LaChapelle. His collaboration with LaChapelle spanned several years, during which Jesse emerged as a credited and regular member of his team, contributing significantly to various high-profile advertising and editorial projects.


     Jesse continued marking his foray into the realm of syndicated publishing while simultaneously developing his distinctive commercial portfolio. To this day, he continues to create visually captivating and impactful commercial work, collaborating with clients that span the spectrum from innovative startups to Fortune 500 corporations. 


     In addition to his commercial projects, Jesse has captured the essence of renowned figures from the entertainment world, including Oscar®-winning actors and Grammy®-winning musicians. His evocative portraits of these luminaries have been featured in a multitude of publications across the world. 


     Beyond his thriving professional life, Jesse finds joy in playing tennis and indulging his culinary creativity by experimenting with homemade pizza recipes.

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